Sanctions Committee: UAE-supported units support secession in southern Yemen

Sanctions Committee: UAE-supported units support secession in southern Yemen

The annual report of the International Sanctions Committee's team of experts on Yemen confirmed that the security units supported by the United Arab Emirates support the separatist trends in southern Yemen, stressing that the restoration of government authority in the country is far from being verified.

The report, which was obtained by Al-Jazeera, said the allies of the Southern Transitional Council, such as the security belt units supported by the UAE, the elite Hadrami forces and the Shabwani elite, support the separatist aspirations.

He stressed that the goal of restoring government authority throughout Yemen is far from being verified despite progress on the ground against the Houthis.

The report notes that although President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi has stayed for more than six weeks in Aden, he has not been able to strengthen the Government's authority in the liberated areas.

He stresses that there is no effective control by the Yemeni government over the militias supported by the UAE and Saudi Arabia, and stresses the challenges posed by the Southern Transitional Council and its allies to the legitimate government.

The UN report said the Houthis have expanded their control over governmental and non-governmental institutions in the northern Areas under their control, and that the morale of the Yemeni government forces is decreasing in the absence of salaries, while the Emirati-backed groups receive their salaries without delay.

He concluded that there are significant obstacles to the work of the government intelligence agencies as a result of their marginalization by the anti-terrorism agencies supported by the UAE.


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