Yemeni government describes the meeting organized by Germany with "unfortunate and cannot be ignored"

Yemeni government describes the meeting organized by Germany with "unfortunate and cannot be ignored"

The Yemeni government on Wednesday described the meeting, organized by the German Foreign Ministry, as a regrettable and unfortunate move, after Germany ignored the invitation of the Yemeni government.

At the Foreign Office in Berlin, Germany organized a "high-level strategic dialogue on the peace process and prospects for stability in Yemen", which was prepared in coordination with the Humanitarian Coordinator, Ms. Liz Grande, and called for a number of countries.

However, the German Foreign Ministry did not coordinate or consult in advance with the Yemeni government to raise its infuriated.

The Yemeni foreign ministry said in a statement that "the efforts to launch and publicize United Nations programmes and plans, outside United Nations institutions and Headquarters, relate to the establishment of mechanisms for the so-called stabilization and the raising of resources from donor countries in favor of the establishment of mechanisms that are not agreed with the Yemeni government, which constitute an unfortunate and unoverlooked abuse ».

"The international community, and in particular the United Nations, should support the efforts of the Yemeni government and cooperate with it to enhance its ability to perform its functions in the service of all Yemeni people," it said.

The statement added, "Any abuse of the UN's working mechanisms, especially from a friendly State Member of the United Nations, should be remedied".

It stressed the need to respect the national ownership and leadership of States in line with the principles of the United Nations and all the agreements and regulatory frameworks that have been signed with the Yemeni government to organize the work and presence of various international organizations in Yemen.


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