Mukalla.. Yemeni flag absence at the UAE security Vehicle delivery ceremony

Mukalla.. Yemeni flag absence at the UAE security Vehicle delivery ceremony

The Yemeni flag disappeared and the presence of the flag of the UAE and the pictures of its leaders in a ceremony on Thursday to hand over a number of security vehicles to security authorities in the eastern Yemeni coast of Hadramawt.

The event was attended by a representative of the UAE Interior Ministry in Hadramawt, which finances, implements and oversees the rehabilitation program for security services in Hadramawt coast, which is under the control of UAE-backed forces.

At the inauguration ceremony, the governor of Hadramawt province, commander of the second military region, Maj. Gen. Faraj Salem al-Bahssani, praised the UAE's support for the security apparatus, which totaled 277 vehicles during the first and second installments.

The new batch of security and police vehicles in Hadramawt will be a quality addition to the security file and will enable the security services to perform well in the rest of the directorates, the Hadramawt governor said.

The new batch of vehicles will be distributed to Western Directorates in the Hadramawt coast, the Deputy Director General of Security and police of Hadramawt, Brigadier Gen. Ghaythan al-Bahssani, said.

While the UAE has generously provided vehicles and security equipment to the Hadramawt coast, the Hadramawt Valley suffers from insecurity due to the lack of support and equipment from the security services.

The Hadramawt valley is within the control of the military and security forces of the legitimate government and is part of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's areas of influence, while the areas of the Hadramawt coastline have remained under the control of the UAE since the city was freed from the control of al-Qaeda militants in the first half of 2016.


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