Clashes between government forces and tribal gunmen near oil company in Shabwah

Clashes between government forces and tribal gunmen near oil company in Shabwah

A soldier of the government forces was wounded Saturday in clashes between government forces and tribal gunmen, in front of the gate of the oil Company (OMV) in the Armaa district of Shabwah Province.

A military source in the company's protection forces said to Al-Masdar online, that government forces removed points erected by gunmen near the gate of the company, through which they prevented the passage of crude tankers to and from the company.

He added that the government forces gave the gunmen two days to remove those points from the front of the company's gate, but the militants refused to do so, prompting the government forces to intervene and remove the points by force.

He noted that this led to clashes between government forces and militants, which resulted in the injury of one of the soldiers while these confrontations reinforced the fears of the termination of the company's work in the province.

The source asserted that the gunmen were heavily armed with medium and light weapons, which threatened to secure the company and its employees, those gunmen loyal to one of the influenced named   "Khabili", and the latter seeks to obtain the concession of the crude oil transport contract from the Directorate to the Port of export.

Governor Mohammed bin Adeo, however, formed a committee to grant transport concessions in accordance with a tender to Shabwah contractors.

On the one hand,  OMV company statement said that the crude oil tankers from the S2 sector were intercepted on their way to the unloading facilities in Sector 4, last Thursday, by «Khabili», the second interception during the month of January.

The statement, which was issued by the company and sent copies to oil Minister Aws al-Oud, his deputy Saeed al-Shamassi and governor of the province bin Adeo, that «Al-Khabili was intercepting the carriers and detained for seven hours on 5 January, after the intervention of the local authority allowed to pass.

The company pointed out that the actions of the "Khabili" and its gunmen prevent the export of oil and restrict the quantities of production, and is a very serious threat to the operations of the company if not dealt with.

That incident was not a separate one, but an extension of recurrent operations.

It said that as a result of the process, the company had to reduce production to the lowest level, and all oil wells in sector S2 would be stopped within the next two days, threatening production operations for the next month.


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