A women's vigil in Aden demands a revelation of “Zakaria Qasim " fate

A women's vigil in Aden demands a revelation of “Zakaria Qasim " fate

A women's vigil in front of the home of the interior minister in the interim capital of Aden was organized by the family of forcibly hidden the activist Zakaria Qasim on Sunday to demand the disclosure of the fate of " Zakaria ".

Siham Qasim, a forcibly hidden sister of , "Zakaria Ahmed Qasim ", said in the family speech that the director of the Aden Police ”Shallal Shaye’a”  told the family days after Zakaria's disappearance that he was detained, but they were not allowed to meet him and visit him since his arrest.

"We asked him in all the prisons we know in Aden and we have no trace of him, and we do not know about his fate until the moment," she said.

In her speech, the family said that the news, which had been circulating for days, and the death of " Zakaria Qasim " Under torture in prison had a significant negative impact on his mother and family, and that they had doubled their sufferance and pains, especially with the continued silence of the concerned authorities.

The family's claim was renewed to the President of the Republic, the Prime Minister, the Minister of the Interior and the director of the Aden police to disclose the fate of "Zakaria " and to release him and hold them responsible for his safety, life and any harm he might inflict.

The family called on all human rights institutions to carry out their duties, both domestic and international, foremost among them the United Nations institutions for the detection of his fate and release him.

Zakaria Qasim was kidnapped on 27 January last year, 2018, after he went out from the house to perform Fajr prayers.

Last Friday, dozens of activists and relatives of the Hidden Zakaria Qasim staged a protest to demand the disclosure of his fate and his release after circulating news of his death under torture in prisons belonging to the UAE.


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