On the background of his report accusing Saudi Arabia of committing abuses. Al-Mahrah authorities refer government official to investigation

On the background of his report accusing Saudi Arabia of committing abuses. Al-Mahrah authorities refer government official to investigation

The local authority in al-Mahra province said Monday that the report issued by the Director of the Human Rights office in the province described as an individual's conduct.

The local authority leadership of Al-Mahrah confirmed in a statement of condemnation, a copy of which was obtained by Al-Masdar online, rejects the report's "fabricated and false" accusations against the local authority and the coalition countries, accusing the report that it came at the behest of other countries.

The official media center of Al-Mahra quoted a responsible source in the Ministry of Human Rights as saying those reports are incorrect.

The source said that the governor of al-Mahra, Rajeh Bakrit, suspended the director of the Office of the Ministry of Human Rights in the province Ali Abdallah Ali bin Afrar.

The Minister of Human Rights, Mohamed Askar, issued a decision to refer him to the investigation, on the background of publishing misleading and inaccurate reports without any proof or reference to the ministry or province, as well as legal and administrative abuses of the laws and regulations regulating the work of the Ministry.

In its statement, the authority condemned in the strongest terms the report and described it as "irresponsible".

"The report was issued by personalities who are aware of the dimensions of their goals and are striving to create a societal rift by promoting false reports under the name of human rights," the authority said.

The authority maintained that it should take appropriate action in coordination with the Ministry of Human Rights to prevent the recurrence of such abuses and attempts to stir up sedition.

The report accused Saudi Arabia of exercising the power to arrest, investigate and deport citizens to Riyadh from its military base in Ghaidah, and prevented the Prosecutor and the competent Yemeni authorities from investigating cases of detention.

He also accused Saudi Arabia of recruiting troops of non-Yemeni nationalities, including armed and militant groups, to Al-Mahrah, and of preventing the people of the province from joining the military and security forces, and turned Al-Ghaidha airport and Nashtoon port into military barracks.

Al-Mahra Governorate is witnessing a popular movement against the Saudi presence, managed by a current that see the presence of these forces in an area unnecessary.

The local authority is defending the presence of Saudi forces, confirming their support in fighting arms smuggling across the eastern coast of Yemen.

A report issued by the provincial human Rights office accuses Saudi forces in al-Mahra province of committing a number of abuses against citizens there.


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