Yemeni activists complain of fraud after winning EU-funded competition

Yemeni activists complain of fraud after winning EU-funded competition

A number of Yemeni activists complained of fraud after winning a European Union-funded competition between August and October 2018.

The competition was supervised by an activist close to al-Houthi group, Yusuf Hamid al-Din, and carried the name of «Go Netjabar», aiming to publicize the Yemeni popular heritage, where pictures, clips, and posts are collected and evaluated, and the winners receive prizes of "Modern cameras and imaging lenses, and devices related to imaging and content creation».

However, the winners of the three-month competition, after announcing their names as winners, were surprised that the quality of the prizes previously announced by the European Union had been changed in its official web site.

The winners of the competition are «Angham al-Sarhi and Saleh Ali al-Qadmi, Ahmed Saeed Hijri, Sara Saleh Alkhabbat and Arij Abdel Wahab Alakwah», but according to complaints monitored by Al-Masdar online, they did not receive the prizes mentioned by the European Union in its official website.

According to one of the winners, the type of awards was changed, in a clear manipulation, asserting that what was happening was a scam on behalf of the European Union, and by a person named Yusuf Hamid al-Din.

The young activists asked whether the European Union was aware of these frauds, which took place on its behalf, given that the advertisements and prizes were announced throughout the competition on the official European Union website.

According to information obtained by the Al-masdar online, the winners contacted the organizer of the event, Yusuf Hamid al-Din, but the latter continued to stall, instead of responding, and promised to show their participation in upcoming photo galleries and festivals.

Yusuf Hamid al-Din, a member of the Hamid al-Din family, who came out of Yemen after the fall of the Al-Motwakliah kingdom on September 26, moved during his lifetime between Lebanon, Britain and Saudi Arabia, and was able to build a wide network of relations in the corridors of international organizations, especially the European Union, and  considered as a  Supportive of Houthis in the corridors of international organizations.

In Jordan and some European countries, Yusuf Hamid al-Din is active through events that defend Houthis and portray them as victims of the ongoing war.


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