Swine Flu, New Threat to Yemenis’ Lives

Swine Flu, New Threat to Yemenis’ Lives

The H1N1 flu, also known as swine flu, is one of the most common epidemics and diseases of recent days among Yemenis.

The collapse of the health system due to continued aggression and siege has greatly increased the spread of diseases in Yemen.

The Yemeni Ministry of Health recorded more than three hundred cases of swine flu from different Yemeni provinces, while the hospitals in the capital Sana’a recorded the death of more than fifty people infected with the epidemic.

Yemeni hospitals suffer from the lack of life-saving medicines because of the siege. These flu cases face death and their condition is very critical.

Doctors say 80 percent of cases of H1N1 flu are at risk of dying because of the lack of medication. They hold the countries of aggression responsible for diseases and epidemics that takes Yemenis’ lives.

Observers warn of a major health disaster if the epidemics continue to spread, especially with the absence of vaccines and special medicines for treatment besides the US-Saudi aggression targeting of health facilities. They criticize the role of health organizations that they have made only promises and a great slow pace of action and responsibility.


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