Organization calls for an Int’ commission to investigate the liquidation of citizens in prisons run by forces loyal to the UAE south of Yemen

Organization calls for an Int’ commission to investigate the liquidation of citizens in prisons run by forces loyal to the UAE south of Yemen

The Organisation for Rights and Freedoms (SAM) on Wednesday called for the formation of an international commission to investigate the liquidation of 23 forcibly disappeared in prisons run by pro-UAE forces, in the light of the Yemeni government's inability to move effectively on the ground.

Sam, an international human rights organization based in Geneva and monitoring the situation in Yemen, has also called for the investigation of the heinous torture of detainees and those who have been forcibly disappeared in secret prisons and the accountability of those involved.

It revealed that detainees in the "Bir Ahmed" prison in Aden have been on an open hunger strike for four weeks, in protest against the failure of the criminal prosecution and other competent authorities to decide on their files, especially as some of them are serving three years in prisons or more, without any charges.

She said that the "Bir Ahmed" prison was a farm rented by the UAE forces in 2016, and turned it into a private detainee following the so-called "security Belt Forces" established by the UAE forces in the city of Aden.

It reported that there were 16 soldiers detained in prison who were subjected to various forms of physical and psychological torture.

The organization said that there were 23 persons who were forcibly concealed in secret prisons, in the prison of Shallal, Abu al-Yamamah, Yasran, Saleh al-Sayed/5th Brigade and the coalition, including officers, soldiers, and civilians, according to a complaint by detainees to the Interior Ministry Ahmed al-Maysari.

The complaint also listed the names of 23 persons who had been liquidated, in the prisons of "Shallal", "Abu al-Yamamah", "Yasran", "Saleh el-Sayed/Fifth Brigade" and "Bir Ahmed old" prison.

According to the organization, the UAE manages at least 13 prisons and 8 military positions throughout Yemen, apart from secret jails.

"There are crimes that may amount to war crimes and crimes against humanity, according to the report of the UN Committee of Experts on Human Rights, which was released last September 2018," it said.

It stressed that torture, enforced disappearance, and torture resulting in death had become a more cruel and brutal and systematic act, relying on innovative means to achieve the greatest pain and injury to detainees, and under the supervision and care of foreign experts in torture, necessitating urgent international action to rescue detainees and to know the fate of those who were forcibly hidden.

Sam called on to release all abductees and forcibly disappeared persons in prisons and jails in Yemen, and to stop the systematic policy of torture against them.

It stressed the need for the Human Rights Council to establish a committee to conduct a transparent international investigation of violations committed in prisons in Yemen, to investigate the conditions of detention of prisoners and the inhumane treatment to which they were subjected, and to bring those responsible to justice.


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