Abductees mothers organize three protests in Aden and issue a statement on the kidnapped in Hodeidah

Abductees mothers organize three protests in Aden and issue a statement on the kidnapped in Hodeidah

A statement issued by the mothers of the Abductees said Thursday that the years are passing and dozens of civilians from the province of Hodeidah are still in the custody of the Houthi prisons.

"Since the beginning of the armed clashes in al-Khokha, the suffering of our abducted people has doubled to more than 200 abductees," the association said in a statement published on its Facebook page. Dozens of them have been transferred to Sana'a, and have been prevented from communicating with their families.  "

"They have created some secret prisons, and dozens of families have been blackmailed as detainees live under hunger and cold," the statement said.

The statement condemned the submission of nine abductees to the trial despite the signing by the Yemeni parties of the United Nations-sponsored Sweden agreement, which guarantees freedom for all those who have been abducted and forcibly hidden.

The Association of Mothers of Abductees called for the immediate and unconditional release of all those abducted and forcibly concealed, that we put this suffering and threats to the lives and freedom of the abductees before the United Nations and its envoy in Yemen. "

On Wednesday, the association organized three protests in the interim capital, Aden, before the Ministry of Human Rights and the National Commission to investigate abuses, and participated in a vigil organized by the family of Awad Habib in the Kaltex tour.

The mothers lifted the pictures of their forcibly hidden children, who had been imprisoned and unaware of their unknown fate since their arrest for more than two years.

According to a communiqué issued by the mothers of abductees, they met with Samir Shaibani, the Deputy Minister of Human Rights, and presented him their daily suffering as they seek for their children to be empowered with their natural human rights.

It appealed to the President of the Republic, the Minister of the Interior and the Minister of Justice to save their children's lives and release them.


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