«The Invisible Killer»... Organization monitors (103) political assassination in Aden in three years

«The Invisible Killer»... Organization monitors (103) political assassination in Aden in three years

The SAM Organization for Rights and Freedoms said it monitored 103 assassinations in the city of Aden from 2015 to 2018.

According to a recent report titled "The InvisibleKiller" the assassinations focused on security men, mosque preachers, and politicians, and operations began 43 days after the restoration of the city of Aden from the grip of the Houthi militia and the control of the city by the UAE forces.

The Geneva-based organization said its report on assassinations comes after these facts have been a mystery for some time until the edges of clues that may lead to the truth are revealed.

"Sam " said that her report relied on the statistics methodology based on the monitoring and documentation of the assassinations during the period specified in the report, where the report monitored (103) The facts of the assassination, in the province of Aden, and worked to follow them through the media, and to communicate with the families of the victims, the concerned and the authorities of human rights and security in an effort to break the mystery of this disturbing crime, which has pushed many political and religious leaders to migrate from the city of Aden and seek a safe place that is not in the hands of assassinations.

The report's importance lies in the fact that it is the first qualitative and analytical report highlighting the wave of assassinations that hit the government's interim city of Aden for legitimacy, with security, military and civilian figures for political aims, after it was retrieved from Houthi militias on July 17, 2015. The city of Aden and its surrounding areas have undergone the control of the UAE forces as part of the Arab coalition forces that are waging war in Yemen with the aim of entrusting the legitimate government to regain control of the land and end the coup d'état carried out by the Houthi rebels, according to the stated objectives of the Coalition.

According to the report, instead of the relative stability the city was supposed to see in preparation for the return of the legitimate government, the opposite occurred, the security situation deteriorated, and the city of Aden was ravaged by a wave of assassinations believed to be of a systematic and organized nature, targeting certain segments of the military and security and civilians, by systematic means, "which put a number of questions about how the assassinations were carried out, and the dubious silence of the security services and forces in control of Aden, even for issuing a statement explaining what is going on in Aden, and the beneficiaries of these assassinations that targeted even the first man in the province Maj. Gen. Jafar Mohammed Saad December 6, 2015  ".

According to Sam, the largest number of victims is security officers, who numbered 42, spread over criminal investigation, the political security apparatus, the security of Aden airport, followed by the preachers and imams, and the victims (23), including 12 imam and preachers belonging to the Salafist Current, and (4) belonging to The Islah party and one preacher belonged to the Islamist-oriented Al-Nahdha movement. The military came fourth with eight people, followed by leaders and members of the resistance, with seven people, in addition to a variety of 14 people, including activists, athletes, professors, judges, and prosecutors.

Sam confirmed in her report that the wave of assassinations began immediately after the war, and then continued, and data indicates that (18) an assassination occurred in January 2016, only one month after the appointment of the Aydaroos Al-Zubaidi as a Governor of the province of Aden and Major General Shallal Shaye’a as police director.

The high frequency of the assassination this month coincided with a worsening of the political situation between the UAE and President Abdu Rabbo Mansour Hadi, who was resident in Aden, before leaving on February 13, the organization said, adding that assassinations in this period targeted Related to the counter-terrorism dossier, whether security officers or judges.

The overall analysis of the assassinations from 2015 to 2018 shows that 2016 was the bloodiest year in which 45 assassinations and up to 48% of the victims were recorded and documented, and most of the victims of these operations were security and military leaders, the year after the restoration Al-Houthi militia, followed by the year 2018, reached a number of (24) assassinations, a year that witnessed a major armed tension between the presidential guard brigades of President Hadi and the security Belt forces funded by the United Arab Emirates, a member of the coalition, reached the limit of the armed confrontation in January 2018, and ended in favor of the security forces, and their control over the city of Aden, most of the target groups of the assassination this year of the military and preachers, by a percentage (26%).

The year 2015 has recorded 13 murders, up to 14%. Finally, 2017, with 11 operations and up to 12%. According to the report, the assassinations were carried out at close intervals and in the same ways, without any security precautions, confirming that the perpetrators of the assassination are moving More reassuring, possessing complete information about the victim, and monitoring the report targeting port security officers, especially Aden airport, and its port, which are the gateway to the link between Yemen and the outside world, and are working to check the movement of passengers to and from Yemen, the organization has recorded eight incidents of assassination.

Sam said in her report that by analyzing the facts of the assassinations, it was found that the assassination by shooting the victim was the most frequently used method by the actor carrying out assassinations in Aden, the first operation was carried out on 30 August 2015, as the first operation with an IED was on July 30 the following year, i.e. 11 months later.

The element of success seems to be an important factor in favoring shooting on IEDs in these groups, where IEDs have only been successful in (5) assassinations versus (14) unsuccessful attempts, while 79 were successfully shot in return for only 15 failures. This explains that the use of IEDs is more complex, It requires techniques beyond shooting training.

At the same time, this opens up the question of the implementers ' preference for the use of lead, even though IEDs are safer for the assassination team for fear of being arrested and their supporters exposed. Sam asserted that the reliance on the means of assassination by bullets, despite the serious risks of exposure of the executors, indicates the party responsible for the implementation, a party that is not afraid to be exposed to the individuals responsible for implementation, as it controls the security and is capable of passing arms in the security barriers, and the guarantor of the safety of the movements of the assigned persons, and the competent to detain them and imprison them if they are exposed or caught in the grip of others, which is himself the party responsible for investigating them, and taking subsequent legal action, and therefore is a safe party that performs operations smoothly and easily, relying on the simplest means.

"These security agencies, militias, and their funding countries will continue to be indicted for the moment when hidden information is unveiled, perpetrators are brought to justice, and victims and their relatives find justice," it said in a report.

Sam called on the Commission of Eminent experts of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights to investigate crimes of human rights violations in Yemen and to include the murders in its 2019 agenda, and to give the information on assassinations the utmost attention to continuous monitoring and tracking of details and tabulation Information, political and security analysis. Sam also recommended that the legitimate government open a serious investigation into all assassinations and uncover the actors involved, and called for the unification of security agencies and the abolition of security formations established outside the official frameworks, and asked Sam at the conclusion of the report of the Yemeni legitimate authorities The Arab coalition states are committed to punishing those involved in the said crimes, not covering them up and protecting them under any security or political considerations, and the Yemeni government and the Arab coalition to provide full protection and care for the victims ' families and compensate them for the loss of their dependents.


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