Houthis invade the Baynoon museum and loot all its contents

Houthis invade the Baynoon museum and loot all its contents

On Saturday night, militants stormed the archaeological, manuscripts and Folklore Museum of  "Bynoon" in the district of Hadda, east of Dhamar Province and looted all its archeological contents.

A source from the region told Al-Masdar online that the Houthis, under the direction of Ali Saleh al-Harbi, their security director, stormed the museum in Thawban isolation, looted all the precious artifacts and manuscripts and transported them to an unknown location.

"They confiscated the National Library of the Museum, which contains the books of Yemeni history, and removed the images of Yemen's Republican symbols from the museums and replaced them with pictures of Badr al-Din al-Houthi and his two sons, Hussein al-Houthi and Abdulmalik al-Houthi."

Baynoon  Museum, founded in 1990, is one of the richest in the region, with its ancient and modern ancient civilizations, and the region is home of  3,000 years BC civilizations.

The looted antiquities are due to the historical periods of the golden ages of the Hymiar civilization, the source said.

The museum consists of two buildings, the main one of which includes a large collection of artifacts, originating from the city of Baynoon and other areas in the Directorate of Al-Hadda, while the other was dedicated to presenting examples of the Directorate's popular heritage, such as fashion, jewelry, handicrafts, agricultural work tools, etc.

It also has large monuments, manuscripts and folk heritage halls, storage rooms for archaeological objects, laboratories for restoration, maintenance and preservation of antiquities, and laboratories for the production of educational models and modern audiovisual media.


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