Gunmen attack Taiz military police headquarters, kill imprisoned soldier

Gunmen attack Taiz military police headquarters, kill imprisoned soldier

Unidentified gunmen attacked the military police prison in the southwestern city of Taiz on Sunday evening and killed one of the imprisoned soldiers, who was detained on issues related to the assassinations in the city.

A security source told Al-Masdar online that the gunmen attacked the headquarters of the military police and shot the imprisoned soldier Mithaq al-Aqil, which led to his death immediately.

He added that following the attack there were violent clashes between the attackers and the protection of the Military Police headquarters.

He said the dead is a soldier in the 170 Air Defense Brigade, accused of belonging to ISIS, and involved in assassinations of soldiers of government military and security forces.

On the one hand, the province's operations were directed to form a commission to investigate the incident expeditiously.

It also directed the commander of the axis (the highest military authority in the province) to arrest the commander of the military police, the chief of police operations, the military police staff, the intelligence officer, the security officer, the Duty Officer, and the guard of the gate, as well as the investigation committee that investigated the killed soldier.

The directive emphasized the command of the axis to mandate those it deems fit to carry out the work of the military police commander.


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