"Southern transition" vows against government on first anniversary of Aden events

"Southern transition" vows against government on first anniversary of Aden events

The so-called Southern Transitional Council, which calls for the secession of South Yemen from its north and supported by the UAE, has, over the past two days, threatened to escalate against the Yemeni government, refusing to implement the outcome of the national dialogue, and holding the House of Representatives sessions in Aden.

This coincides with the passage of a year after the events in Aden, in which the city witnessed fierce fighting between government forces and forces loyal to the "southern transition", which ended with the latter's control over the city.

The fighting left 51 people dead and more than 300 injured.

On Monday, scores of southern transitional supporters staged limited demonstrations that could escalate tensions in the city, which is being taken by the government as a temporary capital, according to eyewitnesses to Al-Masdar online.

The protesters removed a number of banners that promoted the National Dialogue Conference, which was erected on a number of streets, and trampled some of them with legs and cars, witnesses said.

The protesters raised slogans demanding the establishment of the southern state and the secession of southern Yemen from the north, expressing their rejection of the dialogue conference, while the Government had organized events in the city to raise awareness of the outcome of the National Dialogue Conference.

South transitional political activist Jamal Ben Attaf wrote." to the Arab coalition, if is not the time now for the restoration of the southern state, as well as imposing the outcome of the national dialogue is not the time for it now," He added in his blog on his Facebook page, "let each one impose his project and see a project who conquers at the end ".

During the past two days, the government, through the Minister of State for the implementation of national dialogue outputs, Yasser Alro’aeni, organized a number of workshops and seminars in Aden, coinciding with the fifth anniversary of the end of the conference.

The dialogue conference was held in Sana'a from March 2013 to January 2014, with the wide participation of the Yemeni parties, and ended with an agreement that the regime in Yemen would be a federal federation of five provinces.

Alro’aeni said in previous statements that the Ministry is working to absorb the outcomes of the dialogue in all State institutions in the coming period, through the implementation of programs of rehabilitation and preparation in the State institutions in partnership and cooperation with the institutions concerned.

However, Southern Transitional spokesperson Salem Awlaqi said that Yasser Alro’aeni's promotion of those outputs in a number of the provincial directorates of the capital, and other procedural steps in this context, were "provocative" practices.

He described the seminars and workshops as "unwise actions that do not serve the appeasement that the Arab coalition has nurtured in the past, and which have positively reflected on the city, with marked security stability."

"These actions are condemned to the sacrifices of the people of the south and the provocation of the martyrs and the blood of the southern wounded because when the government returns to Sanaa it can promote its project," he added.

"The promotion of this project is the promotion of a project that was the cause of all this destruction and devastation, and the Southerners have already rejected the dialogue conference with that mechanism in Sana'a and warned against attempts to forge the will of the people of the South and we continue to warn, and we will not let tampering and irresponsible practices be an area," he said.

The other part of the escalating tension between the government and the southern transition is due to the latter's refusal to convene the House of Representatives after media reports on the government's bid to hold a meeting of council members in Aden for the first time since the war erupted.

This comes after a number of members of the Council who are enrolled in legality has reached a quorum for a session of Parliament, with the aim of activating the legislative institution in the country.

The President of the National Assembly of the Southern Transitional Council (Parliament) Ahmed Ben Brik, in a tweet on his social networking site «Twitter», that the legitimate government "deliberately provoke the people of the South by holding a meeting of the outdated House in the capital of Aden, which represents the south of the different parties have 5%».

The third man in the council vowed to refuse to hold the parliament session in Aden, saying, "Make sure the people of the South are impatient and will come out to streets”.

He accused parties in the Government of "insisting on the export of terrorism to the South, not to the Houthis," he said.

Until now, the government has not commented on the southern transitional issue.

The "Southern transition" had stopped escalating against the legitimate government after the sacking of former Prime Minister Ahmed Ben Dagher and the appointment of Maeen Abdulmalik as his successor, in October last year.

Some interpreted this as part of a deal between the legitimate government and the UAE, supporting the Council.


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