Journalists ' Syndicate holds the Hadramawt authorities responsible for what the journalist Ben Makhashen has been subjected to

Journalists ' Syndicate holds the Hadramawt authorities responsible for what the journalist Ben Makhashen has been subjected to

The Yemeni journalists ' syndicate blamed the local authority in Hadramawt, headed by the Governor al-Bahssani and the security services, for the responsibility of what Sabri bin Makhashen was subject to in his prisons.

The syndicate expressed its strong dissatisfaction with the repeated arbitrary acts against journalists by military intelligence in Hadramawt, as it did with bin Makhashin and AwadKashmim, and with direct instructions from the governor.

It called the government for an investigation of these repressive practices against journalists and opinion-holders, bearing in mind the responsibility for these crimes committed by its affiliated agencies.

In a statement, the syndicate said that bin Makhashen had taken and he was  patient and they prevented him from taking medication, and suffered from dislocation in his left shoulder in a suggestion of the harsh treatment inside the prison during his detention, where he was denied visits and contacts, and subjected to psychological and physical torture.

It condemned the journalist Ben Makhashin , who was released on Wednesday, after two months of detention, one of which was spent in a solitary room at the military intelligence prison and a second in al-Mukalla prison, adding that he had not come out of prison until he was forced to provide a guarantee to the governor of Hadramawt, including preventing him from writing and another guarantee for the criminal prosecution in charge of terrorism cases.

The journalists ' syndicate has reiterated its rejection of the appearance of journalists in cases of opinion before the courts specializing in terrorism cases, calling on organizations concerned with freedom of opinion and expression, foremost among them the Union of Arab Journalists and the International Federation of Journalists, to condemn these repressive practices.

The journalist Sabri Ben Makhashin was released by military intelligence in the eastern province of Hadramawt last Monday after two months of detention, but he is in a very poor state of health, suffering from several diseases, including diabetes.

Ben Makhashin was arrested by the intelligence division of the second Military District without explaining the reasons for the arrest, and during the period of detention, he was barred from family visits, according to the source, who is close to al-Masdar online.


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