Al-Houthi group provides the court with a list of about 1,200 supporters of legitimate and demands the seizure and confiscation of their property

Al-Houthi group provides the court with a list of about 1,200 supporters of legitimate and demands the seizure and confiscation of their property

Two sources, one of them at the Specialized Criminal Court in Sana'a and the other citizen, said that the al-Houthi group had prepared a list of some 1,200 names of its opponents, with the aim of obtaining rulings to confiscate their homes and properties, in preparation for their acquisition.

In telephone conversations with Al-Masdar online correspondent, they said that among the targeted leaders in the country and the national Army, and party and popular leaders, loyal to the legitimate government.

According to the source in the court, who asked not to be named for security reasons, the files were submitted to the specialized criminal prosecution, and the prosecution provided them to the Specialized Criminal Court for the consideration of the first batch of names, who have now processed their files.

He reported that there were 80 individuals named in the states who filed complaints with the court. they are awaiting consideration.

The citizen, one of the victims of the Houthi action, said that the leaders of the Houthi group, Abu Yasser al-Sha'er, and Abu Murtada Abdallah al-Ajri, were in charge of the dossier, and those representing the al-Houthi group.

He added: We asked the public prosecutor how did you issue the decision and you directed the court? He said, "they came with gunmen who asked me the files, and they told me I signed it."

"They use their control over the judiciary for the purpose of illegally looting money, and they are different among them, prominent Houthi figures in court who told us: do not believe, in people who exploited the presence of" aggression "to steal people's money, and there is no guidance from ”AL-Sayed" to do so. Refers to the leader of the Houthis ”Abdulmalik Al-Houthi”.

Activists on social media posted copies of statements containing some 1,200 names of state leaders and loyalists, who were said to be the group's aim to acquire their property, arguing that they supported the aggression.

"Al-Masdar online" has not been able to ascertain whether the published statements are the same as those spoken by the source.

Many of the names on the list have already been attacked by al-Houthi group, and their homes and properties have been stormed by militants of the group, some of which have been detonated and others looted, while some of these homes and properties are still under their control.

On Jan. 10, militants of the al-Houthi group threatened the kidnapped politician's family in their jails, Mohamed Qahtan, and asked them to leave their home in the Al-Nahda neighborhood in the capital Sana'a, under their control since September 2014.

Eyewitnesses told Al-Masdar online that the gunmen asked the family to leave the house, without citing reasons. They wrote on the walls of the house, «reserved by the specialized criminal prosecution». In what appears to be the same context.


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