In the first month of the year 2019 only.. The Houthis killed 60 civilians, details and statistics of their crimes

In the first month of the year 2019 only.. The Houthis killed 60 civilians,  details and statistics of their crimes

The Houthis killed 60 civilians and injured more than 100, most of them women and children in just one month, including five soldiers who tried to rescue a family where injured by a Houthi mine explosion; and a second mine exploded.

The statistic prepared by the "Al-Masdar online " includes four deaths in Houthi prisons believed to be the result of torture or other medical conditions and the death of a prisoner who was discharged from Houthi prison with a deteriorating health condition.

Of the dead, 18 were children, 14 were women, 5 died in or out of prison, and there were numerous ways of killing, shelling, sniping, direct shooting and other cases of torture.

The most prominent of the provinces that were attacked by the Houthi murders, Taiz, Al-Hodeidah and Hajjah.

The following are the details and statistics of the Houthi crimes in January 2019.

On the first night of January this year, an elderly woman was killed by a landmine, planted by Houthi gunmen in the Hayfan district in the south of Taiz province, when she was returning home.

January 1: A woman named "Ra'na Suleiman Awad" was shot dead by a Houthi sniper in al-Akesh village in Hees District, south of Hodeidah, while another woman was injured in the village.

Jan. 2: Three girls under the age of 10 were killed and a fourth girl was injured in an explosive device planted by the Houthis in Al-Hawamrah area of Karesh - Lahj province.

Jan 2: Two brothers were killed when a landmine planted by the Houthis exploded in al-Masnaa neighborhood south of Hodeidah. The two children are Jameel and Adel Ali Mohammed Zerita 10 – 8 years old came out of their house to fetch water, and the mine exploded on the way.

Jan. 3: Two people were killed and six injured, including two children, by a landmine planted by Houthis in Wadi Sala, east of Taiz city.

January 4th: Ali Mohammed Hurish, 33, was killed by a landmine planted by the Houthis in the village of al-Qalmah, east of Hees District, south of Hodeidah.

Also on the same day, a number of women and children were injured as a result of shelling by the Houthis on “AL-Mandhar “southern al-Hodeidah neighborhood.

Jan. 5: A woman and her child were killed and 16 others wounded in shelling by Houthi militants in the 7th of July district north of Taiz city.

Civilians injured in Houthi shelling in the center of Hayran District, Hajjah Governorate.

January 6: The Orthopedic doctor died in the Sari Medical Center in the district of Yareem province August, Uzbekistan, under torture, in one of the Houthi prisons four days after his abduction.

January 7: The death of the abductee “Mohammed Abdallah al-Shatr," from the Directorate of Anas -Dhamar, was said that he committed suicide in Houthi prison in Dhamar city, after being tortured.

January 7: The death of a tribal elder from the province of Raima  "Muhammad Ghalib Nadah " Days after he was discharged from the Houthisprison in al-Mahwit Governorate, he was abducted and forcibly concealed for two months and went out with a deteriorating health condition.

January 9: Houthi leader kills 3 cousins, "Sharhan, Mohammed, Arafat's Hizam al-Muraisi," in Mekhlaf Al-Oud area in Al-Nadera district, Ibb province.

January 9: Death of the child “Saladin Al-Hayrani", a student in the sixth grade, and wounding of three others by a Houthis shelling on a popular market with Katyusha rockets in the market of Bani al-Hussein Hayran District, Hajjah Governorate.

Jan. 10: Two children were killed and a third was injured by Houthi Katyusha rockets on the homes of citizens in al-Ghail district, Al-Jawf Governorate.

January 10: The Association of Mothers of abductees denounces the death of the kidnapped "Tawfiq al-AL-Lahji" inside the Houthi prison in Sana'a, and buried him without informing his family.

Jan. 11:4 Women and 4 children were killed and 7 injured, with rocket attacks by Houthi militants on a house in Shalla village, the isolation of Bani Al-Haddad, Haradh district of Hajjah Governorate. More than 50 cattle were killed in the shelling.

January 11: Three children were injured by a Houthi shell blast in Saber, southeast of Taiz.

January 11: "Ali Jarallah al-Omari" was killed under torture in al-Houthi prisons in Sana'a.

Jan. 13: A 53-year-old woman, "Naim Abdallah Saleh Shaqbi", was shot dead by the Houthi sniper in Sabr Almawadem , Taiz.

January 14: ' Nur al-Qaifi ' killed and another woman wounded by Houthi bullets targeting a passenger bus in El Hiash district in Sawm’ah  Directorate in al-Baydha province.

January 15: Four children were injured by al-Houthi shelling of internally displaced  camp in al-Khokha district, north of Hodeidah while the shelling burned a citizen house in Hees.

January 17: Three people, including a 10-year-old child, were injured by Houthis shelling of Katyusha rockets, on al-Rawdah residential neighborhood, north of Marib city.

January 20, the child was killed by Hussein Ghaleb Qabab, 12, and a girl “Nabila Qabab was hit , as a result of the Houthis shooting a residential neighborhood in Hees District, south of Hodeidah

Jan. 21: Civilian killed and 2 injured, al-Houthi bombed the headquarters of Thabet brothers Company, south of Hodeidah.

Jan. 22: A woman was killed and 12 injured, including a woman, some of them seriously injured, in Houthi shelling at the eastern entrance to Freedom Square in Taiz.

January 23: The girl Jenan Abdallah Hassan Suhail was shot dead by the Houthi sniper while she was near her home in Tahita District, south of Hodeidah. The girl was getting ready for her wedding in just two days.

January 25: A woman and her child were killed and Sheikh Abdullah al-Baqshi was wounded by a landmine in his car planted by al-Houthi gunmen in a highway in Horan district, al-Baydha province. Five soldiers of the national Army tried to rescue the wounded, but another mine exploded in the car they were carrying, killing them all.

January 25: ' Abdo Mohammed Ibrahim Junaid ' killed by a landmine planted by Houthis in Drihmi, south of Hodeidah.

Jan. 26: Eight civilians were killed and more than 30 wounded, most of them women and children, as al-Houthi shelled the Shuleila and Bani al-Haddad refugee camp in Haradh district of Hajjah Governorate.

Jan. 26: A woman was killed and 2 of her children were injured by a Houthi mine in al-Sha'ib district of Qbaytah Governorate.

Jan 26: Mutaz Sayadi was killed and a woman injured by Houthi mine while working on a farm in Najd al-Qurain, in the Directorate of Damt, south of Al-Dale.

Jan. 26: Two civilians were killed and two children were injured by Houthi shelling of a house in the southern city of Hees.

January 27: Child Iyad Fahad (banana seller) killed after being shot by the random Houthis shooting in a funeral of their dead in Al-Mekhlaf area of Sharab district, north of Taiz.

Jan 28: Wajiha Ahmed Mohammed was shot dead by Houthi sniper while she was in front of her home in the Quhaifa district of Maqbana, west of Taiz.

January 29: Child Omar Ahmed Ali was killed by Houthi sniper gunfire while returning with sheep in the Al-Dhbab area west of Taiz.

Jan. 30: Student Ahmed Abdelghafour al-Humaidi, 15, and student Maria Nabil Obaid, 18, were killed by Houthi shelling targeting a house used by citizens as a school in al-Qarafa district of Khaddir, south of Taiz.


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