Thwart the smuggling of rockets and drones to Houthis in Marib

Thwart the smuggling of rockets and drones to Houthis in Marib

The Yemeni interior ministry said its forces foiled the smuggling of a consignment of rockets and drones in Marib province, east of the capital Sana'a, loaded with medium trucks and on its way to al-Houthi group in Sanaa.

"The weapons included rockets, explosives, and drones, and they were delivered across the government-controlled east coast," the Middle East newspaper quoted the first Deputy Interior Ministry Maj. Gen. Mohammed bin Aboud al-Sharif as reporting.

He noted that these weapons were imported by the Houthis through the war dealers who transported them to their positions of control and that government forces seized them on the outskirts of Marib and al-Jawf governorates.

Al-Sharif said that these weapons were loaded on pickups cars to appear as personal goods, for ease of movement and movement in the rugged and mountainous areas because of the power of these vehicles to enable them to move in those locations.

"During the pursuit of these loads, a number of those involved fell into the hands of the Interior Ministry, and immediately they were handed over to the Public Prosecutor's Office, and in the meantime, they were interrogated and completed investigations, and then brought to justice," he said.


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