New Head of International Observer Group holds its first meeting at the Hodeidah Redeployment Committee

New Head of International Observer Group holds its first meeting at the Hodeidah Redeployment Committee

The new head of the Redeployment Committee and the United Nations International observer Group in Yemen, Danish general Michael Lolisgaard, began his mission in the City of Hodeidah and held the first meeting of the Redeployment Committee.

This comes just hours after Lolisgaard arrived in the capital Sana'a, under the control of the al-Houthi group, and moved to the city of Hodeidah.

A government source told Al-Masdar online that Lolisgaard presided the meeting over of the UN ship "Vos Apollo" in the port of Hodeidah, in the presence of the former head of the committee, Dutch general Patrick Cammert.

The meeting, which was held for the third consecutive day in the presence of representatives of the Government and Houthi redeployment committee, was still in session, without any progress being made, he added.

"We are waiting for the proposals to be put forward by the current Head of the Committee, he will make other proposals, or he will go on CAmmert proposal," he said.

The former chairman of the Commission had submitted a proposal to withdraw the two parties from the city, but he left the fate of the city, and the forces that would run it without explanation, while the Houthis say that those who will remain in the city are the local authorities loyal to them, while the government side insists that the city be subject to the administration of local authority before September 2014.

The city, which has the most important port in the country, has been controlled by the Houthis since late 2014 and has formed local authorities loyal to them.

According to a statement attributed to the United Nations spokesperson, the Yemeni parties engaged in lengthy and intensive discussions yesterday and today in order to find acceptable common solutions and associated timetables for the implementation of the clauses relating to the Stockholm Agreement.

According to the United Nations News Centre, Cammert praised the parties for demonstrating their goodwill and working together constructively to overcome confidence issues and find workable solutions that would eventually disarm ports and the city of Hodeidah and facilitate life-saving humanitarian operations.

Weeks of continued engagement by General Cammert and his team are beginning to bear fruit, the statement said, noting that the parties today seem closer to agreeing on how to re-deploy to the first phase than they were six weeks ago.

"The parties are fully aware of the international spotlight on their efforts to implement the Hodeidah agreement and its implications for Yemen's broader peace process," it said.

The statement stressed that the parties will continue their discussions tomorrow under the supervision of Lieutenant General Michael Lolisgaard, who took up his duties as Chairman of the Redeployment Coordination Committee on Tuesday.


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