MTN Telecom is considering leaving the Yemen market after financial blackmail from Houthis

MTN Telecom is considering leaving the Yemen market after financial blackmail from Houthis

According to private sources, the MTN Telecommunication company is seriously considering leaving the Yemen market after continued financial blackmail of the Houthi authorities in Sanaa.

The sources told Al-Masdar online that the company finds opportunities to continue to dwindle in the face of escalating blackmail by Houthi rebels and said that they are blackmailing the company with exorbitant taxes, after they dominated the telecom sector overall.

The company is exposed to a long series of verdicts issued by the capital taxes court in Sana'a, including a provision for executive seizure of tens of billions of the company's funds.

The court issued provisions for the seizure of the company's daily income with the Yemeni commercial bank, the Yemeni International Telecommunication Company (Teleyemen) and seven exchange companies, which provided for the provision of the company's revenues to the tax authority account.

According to the sources, the al-Houthi group is pushing for an unfair verdict on the company to confiscate some of $200 million, exploiting all its powers and authority of the National Security Service (intelligence).

It stated that national security used all means of pressure, intimidation and threats against the judges of the Court to make verdicts, justifying by supporting their fronts.

These pressures have led the World Telecommunication Corporation (MTN) to incur significant losses over the past years, although it has been working to improve the economic and political situation, sources said.

"The intransigent of the militias and unjust rulings that have turned into illegal levies in hundreds of billions put the management of the company in a difficult position to meet the obligations to continue its activity to the Yemen branch."

The withdrawal of the company threatens to demobilize and lose thousands of workers and beneficiaries of the activities of MTN in Sanaa and its branches in various Yemeni governorates in the context of the unemployment, which has risen dramatically due to the war that has been in force for more than four years.


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