Taiz.. Houthi militias kill doctor in al-Rubaie area

Taiz.. Houthi militias kill doctor in al-Rubaie area

On Thursday, al-Houthi militias killed a doctor at a security point in the Al-Rabaie area of the western entrance to the southern Yemeni city of Taiz.

A local source said that Dr. Heba Nabil Mo’jeb was shot dead by gunmen named Mahmoud Abdo al-Jaafari at al-Rubaie check point west of Taiz.

"Mahmoud al-Jafari intercepted the car of the Faiez Mohammed and asked him to come to the police station in order to implement a security warrant, but the driver refused, the gunman shot and killed Dr. Heba Nabil," the source said.

According to the source, Heba Nabil was returning with her husband Yusuf Ali Farhan from the Hajdah area of Maqbana district.

Dr. Heba Nabil from Shuhiah village in the area of Hazran, in Al Taiziah district, was working in the health unit in the area of Hazran entrance west of the city of Bared.


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