Abu al-Abbas brigades executes a Security wanted in Taiz

Abu al-Abbas brigades executes a Security wanted in Taiz

A militant is on the list of security wanted in the southwestern province of Taiz, was liquidated by armed men from the Abu al-Abbas brigades on Thursday evening, a government military source said.

The source told Al-Masdar online that elements of the brigades tracked the wanted Amer al-Arabi, in the center of the District of Shamaytin, and shot him, which led to his death immediately.

Al-Arabi liquidation comes two weeks after the liquidation of Anas Adel Abduljabbar and Walid Atef- the two of the most wanted security on the road of al-kadaha in the Directorate of Alma'afer, by battalion elements and in similar circumstances.

According to the source, al-Arabi is accused of belonging to an extremist organization and is also accused of standing behind the assassinations in Taiz, and the security services were seeking to arrest him and number of security wanted persons who were liquidated in order to investigate them about previous assassinations of officers and soldiers and resisters.

After the arrest of security agents wanted by the Taiz security services earlier, mass graves and local factories for the manufacture of explosives and improvised explosive devices were uncovered in the eastern neighborhoods of the city, where extremist groups and assassination gangs were stationed.


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