Houthis release an activist in al-Hodeidah in exchange for a releases of a Houthi captive

Houthis release an activist  in al-Hodeidah in exchange for a releases of a Houthi captive

The al-Houthi group released Friday evening in the western city of Hodeidah, the activist Zekra Saeed Abdallah, after pressure from the Yemeni government and the Chairman of the Redeployment Committee, Danish general Michael Lolisgaard.

Tuhama Brigade commander Brigadier Ahmed Kawkabani, a member of the government team at Hodeidah redeployment committee, said the Houthis kidnapped the activist Zekra while working for a humanitarian organization in early January.

In his blog post on Facebook, he stated that the Houthis had kidnapped her on charges of "collaborating with the aggression" as described.

Kawkabani, chairman of the former redeployment committee, told Dutch general Patrick Cammert, his team, and the government team, and at the first meeting with the Houthi representatives in the Joint Commission, and called for her release.

After the Houthis refused and hesitated to release her, he added, "we asked for her release in exchange for the release of Houthi captive, which was approved, and the handed over her to the port."

He noted that the activist needed to be approved by the World Food Organization, the owner of the ship so that she could climb up with the team that was negotiating aboard the ship "Vos Apollo" since the beginning of last week.

"There I told Lolisgaard that if she was not allowed to climb to the ship, I would come down and I would not leave without her, and the government team who confirmed that he would leave only with the activist, they contacted the political leadership and the coalition and made a tremendous effort to allow the kidnapped to travel with us," he said.

The government team returned to Aden.


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