"Sam" denounces al-Houthi takeover of their opponents ' properties

"Sam" denounces al-Houthi takeover of their opponents ' properties

Sam's rights and freedoms organization have denounced the Houthis ' seizure of their opponents ' funds in the capital, Sana'a, under their control since September 2014.

The group had prepared a list of the confiscation of 1142 Yemeni property, as well as a reservation on a number of properties of educational institutions, a Qur'an house, the University of Science and technology, charitable associations, and commercial and party institutions affiliated with the Islah.

This is done under the slogan "Confiscation of the money of traitors".

Sam said that the Houthis ' exploitation of the judiciary and its use of political reprisals against adversaries is reprehensible, condemnable and illegitimate for any judgments or orders issued by the judicial authorities under their control.

It pointed out that this negatively affects the parents of children and women, increases human suffering and tears families apart from the fact that these acts do not encourage all parties to go to peace negotiations, which require goodwill.

It asserted that the al-Houthi group used the judiciary and banks in Sana'a to seize the funds of the opponents, and late 2017, issued a circular requesting all banks to hold a list of names of 1223 persons.

The central bank of Yemen in Sana'a confirmed the seizure of those accounts.


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