Karman: We will not be slaves to the coup nor instruments of foreign occupation

Karman: We will not be slaves to the coup nor instruments of foreign occupation

Nobel Peace Prize laureate Tawakkol Karman said that the Yemeni people, who revolted against the attempt by former President Ali Abdullah Saleh to bequeath power to his son, would not accept the priestly imamate for his re-control by force and superstition.

"We have proved to ourselves, to our people and to the whole world that the will of the people is indomitable and that the tyrant, no matter how much it is forced and whatever, its day is unquestionable and its fall is inevitably coming and the people are staying and the tyrants are disappearing," Karman said in a speech in conjunction with the 8th anniversary of the February 11 revolution.

"The Yemeni people who revolted against the internal tyrant will not accept the Saudi-Emirati guardianship and occupation, nor will they accept their terrorist and separatist instruments and their explosive belts in their cities, coasts, islands, airspace and territorial waters," she said.

According to Karman, the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen is fighting today to divide the country, plunder Yemeni wealth and not fight for legality and the restoration of the state.

"The Houthi coup promises US slavery and the Saudi-Emirati occupation promises us with a historical humiliation that will not be forgiven by future generations if we are silent about it, accepted by it, we have not resisted it," she said.

In conclusion, Karman stressed the need to continue working to achieve the objectives of the revolution and to reach a democratic state that respects and safeguards fundamental human rights.


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