The commander of the Sa'dah axis resigns after the Arab coalition's marginalization of the front

The commander of the Sa'dah axis resigns after the Arab coalition's marginalization of the front

Brigadier Obaid al-Athla resigned from his duties as the commander of the Sa'dah military axis in the northern province of the country, and his forces are engaged in constant battles against the militants of the al-Houthi group.

This was made in an official note obtained by Al-Masdar online, which was issued by al-Athla to President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi, the deputy  Ali Mohsen and the Minister of Defence, Lieutenant-Mohammed al-Maqdashi, urging another appointment in his duties.

Al-Athla did not mention the reasons for his resignation, but a military source on the Axis confirmed that his resignation came for several reasons, most notably the marginalization of the leadership of the Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia to the Axis and its forces.

The source added--he preferred not to be named because he was not authorized --that the coalition involved deliberately delaying the dispatch of the military supply to the Axis forces stationed on the fronts, as well as reducing the quantities of food supplies and delaying the disbursement of salaries to the soldiers.

He explained that the commander of the Axis had informed the military command, but the problem was not addressed, what pushed him to resign.

In earlier times, the media had reported complaints by a number of brigade commanders in the seventh, sixth and third military areas of delays in the arrival of military and food supplies, and the delayed disbursement and interruption of troop salaries in some brigades for more than eight months, compared with financial support and military supply that reaches specific brigades.

A meeting of the leadership of the Ministry of Defence and staff in Marib in October last year, headed by Major General Taher Aqili, discussed ways to address the acute shortage of food and supplies and ways to provide alternatives urgently, the army's website said.


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