Abu Abbas brigades arrests an activist from Taiz province and delivers him to Emirati forces in Aden

An armed Salafist faction supported by the United Arab Emirates in the southwestern province of Taiz kidnapped a human rights activist about a month ago and handed him over to Emirati forces in the southern city of Aden, al-masdar online source said on Wednesday.

He added that 25 days ago, a number of members of the Abu al-Abbas brigades kidnapped human rights activist Abubakar Al-Briki while he was near his home in Al-Turbah city, south of Taiz, and took him to their headquarters.

He said Briki was hidden there and his family did not know anything about him, but two weeks later, when news leaked that the brigades handed him over to the Emiratis in the city of Aden.

Al- Briki, 30, is a resident of Lahij province (northern Aden) and lives at his wife's parents in Taiz, and has been active on social media for days, and writes a lot about the facts of arbitrary arrest and enforced disappearance.

The source said that the Emiratis hid him in a cell in Bir Ahmed prison and still remains in it, but his family is not aware of his status or whereabouts.

He feared the life of al-Briki, a civilian who had been kidnapped from his home without charge.

The source blamed Abu al-Abbas brigades, the UAE forces and the security services in Aden, led by a Shallal Shaye’, responsible for his safety, appealing to human rights organizations to stand by him.


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