Violent clashes in al-Houthi attack on ' Qaryat ' and killing of a tribal Sheikh

Violent clashes in al-Houthi attack on ' Qaryat ' and killing of a tribal Sheikh

Fierce clashes erupted on Thursday evening and continue on Friday following an attack by Houthi fighters on the area  "Qaryat " east of Kushar district of Hajjah Province in northwest Yemen.

Al-Masdar online correspondent said that the tribal militants repelled a violent attack by the Houthi militias on the mountain  "Jarrah " and  "al-Za’lah " of Kushar Directorate, which started the attack at midnight on Thursday and the confrontations continued until Friday morning.

The attack was carried out by the so-called "rapid reaction Forces", which the Houthis brought as reinforcements from Sanaa, and field sources indicated that there had been significant casualties among the Houthi attackers, while the fighters of the Hajur tribes were using their fortifications expertise in the area and being defended.

According to Al-Masdar online, the militants captured a wounded Houthi fighter, but due to lack of medical equipment, he remained bleeding until he died.

The sources said that the scope of the confrontation had widened northward to A’hem market of the Mastaba district where the reinforcements of Houthis gathered there.

Earlier in the day, militants from the region, working for the Houthis, ambushed a tribal elder in Beni Hulais, "Al-Qar’ah" between the directorates  "Kushar " and  "Qarah " as he returned from a "Qarah " which led to the killing of Sheikh Ahmed Abdou Hulais and the wounding of Walid Sheikh Zaid Ahmed and two Others were with him.


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