International report accuses southern transitional leaders and armed formations of undermining legitimate government in southern Yemen

International report accuses southern transitional leaders and armed formations of undermining legitimate government in southern Yemen

The final report of the UN panel of International experts confirmed that government officials are being subjected to hostile actions by forces allied with the Southern transitional council, led by the al-Zubaidi and Hani Ben Burik.

The challenges and threats to the legitimate authority in southern Yemen have escalated since the formation of what so-called in the Southern Transitional Council on May 11, 2017.

Rapid military movements and security formations have begun with the support and supervision of the United Arab Emirates, which is under the control of President Hadi's government.

The UAE has supported the formation of elite forces in the governorates of Shabwah and Hadramawt and has established security belts equivalent to or alternative to the legitimate government forces in Lahij, al-Dale, Abyan and Aden.

The report accused the "Southern Transitional Council " and its military forces of the practice of "armed hostilities" against the Yemeni government, causing it to not take effective control of the southern governorates.

The report, "the Southern Transitional Council " and its allied military forces, was seen as a challenge to the Yemeni government's authority and was the main source of opposition from President Hadi.

The report confirmed that the chairman of the Southern Transitional Council, Aydaroos Zubaidi spent most of his time residing in Abu Dhabi in the UAE and visited Aden on several occasions, accusing the transitional leaders of masterminding the attack against the Presidential protection forces in January last year, from within the headquarters of the Council located in Tawahi District.

The establishment of these military and security forces by the United Arab Emirates is a means for the arms of President Hadi and his Government and the imposition of its conditions, thus directly affecting the sovereignty of the State and its security and civil institutions.

The report said that Aden security chief Maj. Gen. Shallal Ali is a commonplace who led the military forces allied with the Transitional Council, which fought military confrontations against the presidential protection forces in Aden, late January last year.

According to the report, the security forces allied with the Southern Transitional Council are still under the direct care of the United Arab Emirates, forming the main instruments of authority throughout the southern regions of Yemen, and marginalizing government forces in large parts of the liberated territories.  "

The report noted that the elite, belt, security and anti-terrorism forces of the UAE are blocking the work of government security institutions, such as political and national security bodies, in gathering intelligence information.


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