Before the catastrophe . "Haijat Al-Abed " The only Taiz road is threatened with stopping

Before the catastrophe . "Haijat Al-Abed " The only Taiz road is threatened with stopping

Four years ago, the Haijat Al-Abed Road, at the far south of Taiz Province, became the only outlet for the besieged city of Taiz since August 2015, and was the way to supply government forces with arms and civilians with food and medicine.

Because of the excavation and the narrow road, the passage through it frequently stops, as vehicles are unable to traverse the rugged meandering, and a long queue of cars is stopped, waiting for the road to open.

Despite the importance of the road, none of the officials in the government or local authorities in Ta'izz has been given any attention, no maintenance work has been done, and the asphalt layer is eroding in the curves, further increasing the pits, reflecting the increased risk of road traffic accidents.

More than a year ago, the government promised to maintain it, and a month ago, Prime minister Maeen Abdul Malik promised to maintain the road, but so far, no work has been started.

According to one of the drivers who told Al-Masdar online, their suffering cannot be described because of the way in which there is a lot of pits in many harsh turns.

"When you need to increase the torque of your car to go beyond the turns, you cannot, because of these many dirt pits, keep you moving slowly, so you cannot climb up, and cause a shortage of many medium and heavy trucks."

"Some trucks stop in the road, and this leads to the narrow road, blocking the passage of other cars, and it lasts for several hours, and there are no signs to alert drivers," he added.

The Director of public works and roads in Taiz, Abdul Hakim al-Shamiri, told the "Al=Masdar  online" that the road maintenance fund started working days ago to clear a road that passes through Naqeel Al-Saha as a temporary alternative for Haijat Al-Abed.

"When the work is completed in the coming days and the vehicles and trucks pass through the new road, the road maintenance fund will begin repairing the road of Haijat Al-Abed as it cannot repair the road while vehicles and trucks passing through it," he added.

The undersecretary of the Ministry of Culture, Abdulhadi al-'zaizi, appealed to his blog on his Facebook the government to fix the road.

He said: The road has become unusable, the road completely destroyed  , and needs an emergency intervention to maintain it quickly with the first rainy season next summer Taiz will be besieged completely , it is half way and not a road, it is a real death.

Cars and trucks drivers and passengers hope that the government will repair  the road before the catastrophe occur .


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