Shabwah People's authority warns of the recruitment of youth and students to regional or district camps

Shabwah People's authority warns of the recruitment of youth and students to regional or district camps

A statement issued by the People's authority in the southeastern province of Shabwah said on Monday that recruiting young and school students and attracting them to newly established camps on regional or provincial bases is a danger to the social peace in the province.

The People's authority is a body to lead grassroots action to claim the rights of the Shabwah Province, founded last year by a prominent provincial leader, former minister and Governor Ahmed Mosa’ed Hussein.

In a statement, the authority expressed its concern about the recruitment, which is being carried out by parties with an agenda that does not serve the province and its interests, but also works to exploit the living conditions of the young people.

He said military formations on regional bases have a future threat to the social and tribal fabric and the unity of the province's people.

It stressed that most of those being recruited were school students.

The statement announced solidarity with the people of  "Al-Sadah " region  in Markha Al-Sufla district, who were attacked by the pro-UAE Al-Shabwaniya elite forces, and stressed the need to announce the results of the investigation and the circumstances of the incident by the Presidential commission charged with this.

He stressed the total rejection of the violation of the people's lives and the intimidation of the security forces, and the involvement of Shabwah sons in fighting among them.

The authority demanded compensation for the people of the eastern regions for the damage to their property and tankers in the area of Al-Oqlah, after the confrontations that erupted with the army, calling for the payment of salaries of the army and security.

It also stressed the need for action and coordination among all for the benefit of the province and its citizens and to prevent it from slipping into the threats and conflicts that threaten the social peace, security and stability.


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