"Zubaidi" describes the British occupation of south Yemen by "Partnership relationship "

"Zubaidi" describes the British occupation of south Yemen by  "Partnership relationship "

The President of the Southern Transitional Council said that Britain's control over the city of Aden and southern Yemen for 139 years was not an occupation, but a partnership relationship between the two sides.

Al-Zubaidi said in a press statement on his arrival in London earlier "We preferred Britain to be the first stop in our tour, because it has a positive impact on the people of the South, because of the old partnership “the British presence in the past” and the cultural and civilizational heritage and progression in order and law,"

"We wanted our first visit to be to Britain as a partner in the past and contributed to the establishment of order and law in the city and port of Aden, and the southern people have a long legacy with them," he said.

A delegation headed by Al-Zubaidi arrived earlier in the British capital, London, for a several-day visit, by an invitation from the British Parliament.

Zubaidi's remarks provoked angry reactions among Yemenis, describing what he said was in context of a "political adolescence", which showed the extent of the awareness of Zubaidi and the southern transition supported by Iran.

Activists and politicians reminded  Al-Zubaidi with the crimes of British occupation of southern Yemen and published archival images of attacks by British soldiers on civilians in Aden.


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