"Yemeni Exchangers" demanding the neutralization of the economy following Houthis damaging actions

"Yemeni Exchangers" demanding the neutralization of the economy following Houthis damaging actions

The Yemeni exchangers ' association called on Tuesday to neutralize the economy and work uniformly away from the conflict, especially as the humanitarian situation collapses, and 85 percent of Yemenis need humanitarian aid.

The association said in a statement obtained by "Al-Masdar online "-that its repeated demands to neutralize the economy have not received a response from both sides of the conflict.

The Houthis authorities in Sanaa have imposed new measures on the banking sector through the central bank under its control, under the names of amendments in the procedure for issuing licenses to practice the exchange profession.

Those actions had exacerbated the division and contradiction of banking and had made the banking sector works in conflict, which was inconsistent with the principles, foundations and regulations of banking business.

The association did not clarify the nature of those actions.

The association called for a return to procedures that facilitate and unify banking work, more than tearing it up, for the benefit of the economy and Yemeni citizen.

It threatened to escalate the protests to implement those demands.

It called on all international parties, including States, bodies, organizations and activists, to intervene urgently in order to unify and neutralize the banking sector, based on the standardization of licensing procedures for foreign exchange institutions and companies.

The banking sector is the last artery of the rest of the life in the Yemeni economy, as it finances economic and humanitarian activities, and banking institutions have a major role to play in providing an import bill that has prevented a total collapse of the Yemeni economy and averted mass starvation.

The association added that it is not responsible for any repercussions that might affect the economic and humanitarian situation.


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