Houthis advances east of “Koshar” and controls several sites

Houthis advances east of “Koshar” and controls several sites Children in Koshar raise shrapnel from shells that bombed their villages and homes

The Houthi militants made progress east of Koshar directorate in Hajjah Governorate (northwest Yemen) and managed to control important sites after heavy fighting with tribesmen.

Houthi militants were able to advance in the Al-Obaisa areas east of the Koshar and took control of the strategic mountain of Mansoura on Wednesday while they took control of the "al-Hadeteen" area today according to Al-Masdar field source.

According to the same source, the Houthis carried out intense and violent attacks over the past 48 hours and rained al-Obaisa areas with extensive shelling of various types of weapons, including the use of sophisticated Katyusha rockets, which caused enormous destruction in the homes and properties of citizens and caused terror and panic among the residents of the area.

Earlier, the Houthis managed to control the site of "Sam’ar " and  "Al Qashaba ", and activists said that the escalation and expansion of confrontations increased the displacement among civilians who displaced without finding any help or shelters.

Coalition fighters on Tuesday launched three consecutive airstrikes targeting Houthi  military mechanisms and groups of Houthi fighters in the "Mefkhath" in “Qaflat Ather” directorate, which was heading to Al-Obaisa area to reinforce Houthi fighters.


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