A southern coalition supporting "Hadi " holds its first conference in Cairo on Wednesday

A southern coalition supporting "Hadi " holds its first conference in Cairo on Wednesday

A coalition of supporters of Yemeni President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi, including 14 political components of the southern movement to resolve the South issue, will hold its first conference in Cairo, Egypt, on Wednesday.

Anadolu news agency quotedMohamed al-Saadi the coalition spokesman as saying "The conference includes political parties, forces from the southern movement and a number of independent southern leaders, as well as civil society organizations, to discuss the situation in southern Yemen," .

Al-Saadi said the coalition is the largest component in the south, encompassing most of the political and social spectrum there. He explained that the announcement of the Coalition came a year ago by announcing the founding document in April 2018.

He said that the first conference will endorse the internal structure of the Coalition and its plan of Action, whose first objective is to support Hadi's government and the Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia, and support the three references as a basis for resolving the Yemeni crisis.

The terms of reference for a political solution in Yemen, which are emphasized by the Yemeni government, the Gulf initiative and its executive machinery and the outcomes of the Inclusive Dialogue Conference (held in Sana'a on 18 March 2013-25 January 2014), and Security Council resolution 2216.

According to Saadi, the most prominent leaders participating in the Conference were the Yemeni government's Minister of Justice, the President of the Supreme Council of southern movment Ali al-Gharib and the president of the South People's Congress Mohammed Ali Ahmed, and deputy director of the office of Yemeni President Ahmed al-Eissi.

According to a source , the Coalition is supported by Al- Eissi, one of the most prominent businessmen in Yemen, as well as deputy director of President Hadi's office.

The source told Anadolu, preferring not to be identified because he is not authorized to talk to the media, that the coalition will be a equal to the "Southern Transitional Council " which tells local media that it is supported by the UAE, which is headed by the former governor of Aden, Maj. Gen. Aydaros Zubaidi.

He noted that the new National Coalition has a political weight, by personalities involved, and that it is expected to joined by the prominent political conference and the head of the first Yemeni government after the unit Haidar al-Attas.

He added that the coalition will dispute the transition council to win legitimacy in southern Yemen.

"Southern transition "which was announced on May 11, 2017, following the sacking of Zubaidi as governor of Aden--said it has the legitimacy to represent South Yemen, an independent country before merging with northern Yemen on May 22, 1990.

It also calls for the secession of southern Yemen from its north in an independent state, and occasionally launches a media offensive campaigns against the Yemeni government and Hadi, while the loyalist forces fought violently in late January last year against government forces in Aden.


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