Nine killed and wounded in an armed attack on a celebration lounge north of Taiz

Nine killed and wounded in an armed attack on a celebration lounge north of Taiz

Three people, including a soldier, were killed and six other women were injured in an attack by an armed gang on Tuesday evening at a wedding lounge in the north of Taiz.

A local source told al-Masdar online that gunmen attacked the “Hawa” lounge in Wadi al-Qadhi in order to kill the groom, firing bullets and two hand grenades at the women's Hall.

The gunmen opened fire on the soldier, Sameh al-Hasidi, who intervened and was killed immediately.

The source  said that another armed gang had reached the scene and clashed with the gang attacking light and medium weapons, the attackers fled the area after an hour of clashes, and began minutes before the women were taken out of the lounge.

The attack and clashes subsequently resulted in the death of a woman and a bus driver, as well as the wounding of three women, one child and two armed men, while 13 women and children fainted and were taken to al-Rawdha and al-Safwa hospitals.

The incident was the first armed attack on a women's wedding hall in the city of Taiz since the war erupted in the province four years ago.

In the context, security forces announced the arrest of three gunmen in the background of the clashes.

According to a press release issued by the Taiz Security Media department, the security services moved "immediately after receiving a communiqué of an armed clash near the Hawa lounge in Wadi Al-Qadhi, which resulted in the killing of a woman and soldier, a member of the Wadi al-Qadhi police station while performing his duties with his colleagues in breaking Engagement  ".

He confirmed that the clashes were the result of a previous vendetta between the two sides of the “Waz’eyah”  “region, and erupted during the first party's attack on the wedding ceremony of the second party in “Hawa” Lounge.

He added that the security forces broke the clash and arrested three gunmen while they were prosecuting others.


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