United Nations intensifies its efforts with Yemeni parties to implement Stockholm Agreement

United Nations intensifies its efforts  with Yemeni parties to implement Stockholm Agreement

The United Nations announced Wednesday that its special envoy to Yemen, Martin Griffiths, is currently engaged in intensive contacts with the parties to the crisis in order to fully implement the Stockholm Agreement.

The UN Secretary-General Stefan Dujarric said in  a press conference at the permanent headquarters of the International Organization in New York "Griffith's focus is now on pushing the parties to implement the Hodeidah agreement, and the parties have repeatedly expressed their commitment to it,".

"We want to see the terms of the agreement translated into facts on the ground," he said. Discussions are therefore continuing between the Special Envoy and both parties. "

In response to reporters ' questions about when Secretary-General Antonio Guterres reported to the Security Council on the non-implementation of the terms of the agreement, Dujarric said, "the Secretary-General will report to council members," without mentioning the date.

"The parties have on repeated occasions expressed their willingness to do so," he said. It is clear that Satan lies in the details. Griffiths puts all his efforts to make sure that the process is proceeding, "he said, stressing that the Secretary-General understands that there are resolutions asking him to submit a report and he will do so.

On 13 December 2018, the Yemeni government and the Houthis, following consultations in the Swedish capital of Stockholm, reached an agreement on the resolution of the situation in Hodeidah province, as well as the exchange of prisoners and detainees on both sides, who estimated  over 15,000.

To date, the Hodeidah agreement seems to be difficult to achieve, especially after the partial withdrawal of the agreement to withdraw from the confrontation areas of Hodeidah and main ports, three times, amid an exchange of accusations between the Houthi group and the Yemeni government over the party that caused the agreement to be disrupted.


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