Houthis control “Al-Qayyim” mountain overlooking the al-Obaisa east of Koshar

Houthis control “Al-Qayyim”  mountain  overlooking the al-Obaisa east of Koshar

The Huthi fighters took control of the al-Qayyim strategic Mountain on Tuesday evening, overlooking al-Obaisa east of Koshar directorate, in the north-west of Hajjah district.

A field source told Al-Masdar online that the Houthis were able to control the mountain after violent confrontations between them and the tribesmen who have been facing Houthis for more than a month.

In the past days, the Houthis have stepped up their attack on the area and bombarded it with various types of weapons in an attempt to subdue Hajur tribes that inhabit Koshar.

With their control of the Jabal al-Qayyim, villages and tribal dwellings in Al-Obaisa are under the fire of Houthi militants, according to the source. The number of displaced persons has increased as the fighting has expanded and the Houthis have progressed towards the residential areas, forcing the population to flee to safe areas.

Earlier this week, the Houthis had made remarkable progress and controlled a number of important areas such as al-Mansoura mountain and Hadyateen mountain, and confrontations continue in other areas of Koshar Directorate.


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