Protests in Aden continue and evolve into confrontations between military, security and armed formations

Protests in Aden continue and evolve into confrontations between military, security and armed formations

The protest against the killing of a public security soldier by anti-terrorist forces in the southern city of Aden has increased and developed into armed clashes on Thursday.

According to eyewitnesses told "Al-Masdar online", dozens of protesters cut major roads in Al Mualla, Khor Maksar and Dar Saad, and gunmen clashed with units wearing police uniforms and security, believed to be subordinate to the security belt and the Aden police tried to end those protests and reopen the roads.

They said that clashes erupted between gunmen and military forces on the Hajeef tour of Al Mualla neighborhood, and gunmen attacked a military vehicle in Dar Saad neighborhood, resulting in injuries on both sides.

In Al-Mansoura, a few minutes of gunfire were heard following the arrival of military forces in the neighborhood to reopen the road.

According to witnesses, the main streets of the city's neighborhoods are closed to the traffic, which has caused a great congestion on the streets, which are still open.

Since the beginning of this week, the city of Aden has experienced a popular congestion following the killing of private Ra'fat Damb’a by forces led by Yusran al-Maqtari, a pro-UAE man, who has already practiced several abuses against civilians.

Damb’a was the only witness in the case of the rape of a child by members of the Yosran al-Maqtari forces.

Maj. Gen. Mohammed al-Amir, undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior for the police services, and Chairman of the Committee formed to investigate the killing of soldier Damb’a, said the commission was continuing its work in the investigation.

"The perpetrators will be extradited this evening, in accordance with the directives of the interior minister and his deputy, and the agreement with the brothers and the leaders of the Arab coalition and the anti-terrorism leader," he said, adding that everyone is seeking and enforcing the law and there is no rebellion or rejection by anyone.

Maj. Gen. Mohammed called the citizens in Aden to exercise restraint and move away from chaos, vandalism and riots.


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