Coinciding with Women International Day; SAM Organization :2440 women killed and injured since war broke out in Yemen

Coinciding with Women International Day; SAM Organization :2440 women killed and injured since war broke out in Yemen Yemeni activist Reham Al-Bader shot dead by Houthi sniper in Taiz (archive)

SAM Organization for Rights and Liberties, said in a report published today that, this year’s Women International Day comes while, Yemeni women are suffering difficult conditions and hardships, created by the policies of the warring parties; Houthis militia in one hand, and Saudi Arabia and UAE on the other. Confirming that women, in most of the Yemeni territories, are lacking basic services and needs, including food, shelter and medicines.

Furthermore, thousands of women face the ordeal of losing the breadwinner of the family, who were imprisoned or forcibly disappeared by Houthis militia in the north, and Saudi-UAE backed militia in the south.

SAM said, “women were the pioneer in the pursue change and claiming rights and have achieved many gains in the quest for equality, eliminating discrimination, equal opportunities and other legitimate and constitutions rights, thereby representing an advanced model in the region, that inspires all women aspiring for freedom and legitimate rights.”  

SAM organization published today a report containing summary figures on the violations resulted from the ongoing conflict in Yemen, during 2014 – 2018, and documented the crimes and violations committed by the parties to the conflict against Yemeni women rights, including killing, executions, and injuries against female activists, that amount to war crimes and crimes against humanity.

SAM detailed in the report that covered the years 2014 – 2018, that 807 Yemeni women were killed during the reporting period, the majority of which in Taiz city with 387 women, followed by Hodiedah 86, Aden, 37, Lahaj 35, and Sa’da 34. While other 1633 women were injured, with the majority again in Taiz, with 1287 casualties.

SAM said its 11 monitor and 10 collaborators among activists and media, have documented these violations through interviews, phone calls, using monitoring questionnaire, field, and hospital visits, in addition to reports received by SAM from the relatives and public in general.             

SAM documented that 479 women were killed by shrapnel, 241 by direct fire shots, 68 by mines, 4 by explosive devices, and 14 for serious injuries they’ve sustained.

SAM indicated that the report has documented the murder of 233 women by Saudi-Emirati airstrikes, 249 by Houthis indiscriminate shelling, 139 by snipers, 69 by mines detonation laid by Houthis militia.      

The report stated that Houthis militia, in collaboration with forces loyal to the former president Saleh, has killed 405 women, and killed alone 117 women, whereas the Arab Coalition forces have killed 228 women, and 8 by the US drones.

The number of injured women has reached 1633, with the majority of casualties in Taiz city at 1287 women. 999 were injured by shrapnel and 415 others by bullets.     

SAM said in the report that majority of casualties have resulted from Houthis – Saleh militia, at 1312 casualties, while Houthis militia alone is responsible for 180 cases, and Arab Coalition for 114 casualties.  

SAM condemned in the report the escalating gross violations, against Yemeni women by all parties, calling for immediate efforts to end the targeting of civilians, especially women, and to provide psychological and material support to women, confirming the need to stop targeting of female activists and HRD by Houthis militia.     

SAM said, “it has appealed to the women special commissioner in Yemen to urge him to move immediately and end the violations against Yemeni women”, confirming that it has contacted the inquiry commission on Yemen to include the perpetrators in the list of suspects.   

SAM Organization has urged all parties to commit to war laws and called to open a serious, and independent investigation on the crimes against women, and to refer the suspects to the judiciary.  


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