A leader in Hajur resistance to the Coalition and legitimacy: your support is not enough to confront the missiles and the army must move

A leader in Hajur resistance to the Coalition and legitimacy: your support is not enough to confront the missiles and the army must move

Sheikh Ali Flatt, one of the field commanders of the anti-Houthis tribes in Koshar , confirmed the continued fighting and the attacks and aggression of the Houthis on their areas.

This came in a telephone call by Minister of Information Muammar al-Eryani, with the leader Flatt – obtained by Al-Masdar online.

The leader in Hajur tribes pointed to the arrival of ammunition and weapons from the Arab coalition, expressing his thanks to the kingdom and the leadership of the legitimacy, but we demanded more support, to confront the heavy weapons of the Houthis and the ballistic missiles they fire at the residents of Koshar.

"The humanitarian situation of the region's population is tragic," he said, "preventing them from drinking water, food and medicine and targeting by tanks with water tanks."

The Ministry of Interior of Houthis, has announced the full control of Hajur and Al-Obaisah and the elimination of the opposing tribes in Koshar Directorate .

This was denied by Sheikh Ali Flatt, stressing that the battles are continuing and that the tribes are steadfast and that what happened, because of the betrayal and deception of some of the people of the region, and "This does not count as a victory for the militias, Al-Obaisah has withstood and confronted their aggression." He said.

For nearly eight weeks, the Houthi militia has been waging intensive attacks on Al-Obaisa area east of the Al-Koshar district, and shelling citizens ' homes with heavy artillery and short-range rockets.

Mid-week, the Houthis took control of the sites where the tribes were stationed in Al-Obaisa area, after they had been able to enter the area from the west, with the complicity of partisan pro-militia leaders.

The leader of Hajur tribes deplored the international community and humanitarian organizations silence about the continued shelling of their areas by the Houthis militia, "We are facing a war of genocide" he added.

The field commander called for the movement of legitimacy and coalition forces to support and said  "Why there are no movement at Midi and Hayran fronts".

Al-Houthi's continued shelling of citizens ' homes in Hajur resulted in the death and injury of 233 citizens until the end of last February .

The president has already directed the movement of military forces from several areas to remove the siege of Hajur within a period not exceeding 72 hours.

The governor of Hajjah Abdel Karim al-Sunaini announced the arrival of the troops in the Fifth military region last Saturday but delayed its intervention in the breaking of the siege of Hajur, still a mystery baffles many followers, amid accusations of legitimacy and coalition by failing Koshar sons.

On Thursday, the United Nations called on all parties to stop fighting in Hajur, said spokesman of the Secretary-General Stefan Dujarric, stressing that civilians are paying a high price because of continued confrontations.


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