Yemeni diplomat: Support for separatists is no less dangerous than Iranian role in Yemen

Yemeni diplomat: Support for separatists is no less dangerous than Iranian role in Yemen

Yemeni diplomat Ali al-Amrani said the support provided to the separatists in southern Yemen is no less dangerous than Iranian interference in Yemen's affairs.

Al-Amrani, who is the ambassador of Yemen to Jordan, said  in a post posted on his Facebook page on Saturday. "The support provided to the separatists is irritating and infuriating, and requires categorical rejection and widespread condemnation at all levels and at all times, more than the  Separatists dose themselves  ".

Referring to the UAE's support for armed formations embracing the secession of southern Yemen, al-Amrani said the subversive role in support of the separatists "is no less dangerous than the Iranian interference in Yemen's affairs, and both roles deserve rejection, condemnation and resistance at all times."

"In all countries of the world, extremist separatist movements may arise under various pretexts, and in the normal situation, this is dealt with by the law," the ambassador added in his blog on Facebook. The mighty America faced attempts of  secession and the attempt to secede was eliminated by force, as is known on the basis of the US Constitution. In Russia, China, India and Spain, there are separatist movements, but they are faced with decisiveness and firmness. "

He said that before the outbreak of the Houthi wars, the separatists were timid and shy, "the separatist propositions were a national disgrace, and in fact they are always and still, and the efforts of secession are a national betrayal criminalized in the Yemeni Constitution, and the maximum demands of the Southern movement were legitimate demands, then evolved with  opportunism and expediency and coordination with the Houthi criminal movement to the demands of the impossible secession, rejected, and so must be. In doing so, Yemen today suffers from an exceptionally serious situation, and this encourages the separatist movement to do more and this is not surprising. "

"But what is surprising and unacceptable is the care and support that the external side offers to the separatists," he said.


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