Arab coalition: we carried out quality air strikes to protect citizens in the center of Koshar Directorate

Arab coalition: we carried out quality air strikes to protect citizens in the center of Koshar Directorate Al-Houthi governor of Hajjah visits Al-Obaisa area in Koshar after Houthi fighters controlled it

The Arab coalition, led by Saudi Arabia in support of legitimacy in Yemen, said its fighters carried out qualitative raids targeting Houthi rallies in the center of Koshar  Directorate, Hajjah Governorate, and supplies coming from Amran.

For more than 50 days, Hajur tribes have been engaged in violent confrontations with Houthi fighters, in which the latter have been able to control the Directorate's position and areas of the Eastern District.

The air strikes were aimed at protecting the citizens from al-Houthi militia, the coalition said in a brief statement released Saturday night.

Media sources reported that, during the past two days, the Houthi militia carried out extensive sweep operations in Al-Obaisa, stormed and detonated a number of citizens ' homes, and executed five of them, including the relatives of the head of the Popular Congress Party of the Directorate Mohammed al-Amri, who was seriously wounded.

According to the coalition, the aerial bombardment focused on the Tallan Mountains, the center of the directorate and Al-Z’akerah  , and supplies coming from Amran, resulting in the deaths of 200 Houthi militiamen, al-Arabiya net quoted the coalition as stating.

While Hajur tribes confirmed the continued confrontations and launched attacks to restore the position in the center of Koshar, the Houthi rebel group announced the visit of the Governor of Hajjah, appointed by the group Hilal al-Sufi, along with the governors of Mahweet, Hodeidah and Zeid al-Yousfi, to learn about the normalization of public life in Al-Obaisah.

Clashes between al-Houthi militias on the one hand, and tribesmen on the other, in other areas of  Koshar district, where Hajur sons are trying to recover their lost positions in the past days, are continuing, while militias are trying to complete control over the entire areas of their opponents in the directorate.

The field commander of Hajur tribes Ali flat tribes, who called on the Saudi-led coalition and the Legitimacy , to move the Army forces in Midi and Hayran to un-siege them, pointing out in a telephone conversation on Sunday with the Yemeni minister of information, that the air support and the weapons that the coalition brought to them, is not enough to confront Heavy artillery and ballistic missile that they launch on their areas before controlling it.


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