62 killed and 217 wounded by Houthis in Koshar - Hajjah

62 killed and 217 wounded by Houthis in Koshar - Hajjah

Human rights Minister in Yemeni government Mohamed Askar said that 62 people were killed and 217 injured, including 17 women, who were killed by the Houthis in  Koshar in the northwestern province of Hajjah.

At a press conference today at the Yemeni embassy in Cairo, he said the Houthis destroyed 1769 houses, burnt a number of farms, deserted 27 villages and displaced 4268 families.

"The Houthi militia intensified its attacks on the villages of the directorate, and shelled it with ballistic missiles, tanks, artillery and various types of weapons, hysterically and indiscriminately, the homes and farms of citizens, schools and mosques in the al-Obaiseh villages," he said.

"These crimes come under a suffocating siege imposed by the militia on the directorate and cut off the supply of food, water, medicine and absence of all the necessities of life," Askar said.

He appealed to United Nations bodies and organizations to move immediately to protect the citizens in Koshar  Directorat, describing it as a "barbaric attack by the Houthi militia against civilians."


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