Houthis and pro-UAE forces kidnapped (1496) citizens last year including women and children

Houthis and pro-UAE forces kidnapped (1496) citizens last year including women and children

The Association of Mothers of the abductees and forcibly hidden women said that (1496) citizen had been kidnapped in the areas of the Houthi control (north and Central) and the areas of Pro-UAE  military formations southern Yemen.

The association explained that (1442) citizens abducted in the areas controlled by the Houthis, of which 114 were cases of abduction of women.

The secretariat of the capital was ranked first with 236 abductions, of whom 109 were women, followed by the province of Hodeidah, with 190 cases, including two abductions of women in the city.

The third annual report of the Association of Mothers of Abductees, on the occasion of International Women's Day—which Al-Masdar online obtained a copy – indicated that  54 cases of abduction by military and security formations in the city of Aden.

The association monitored (33) campaigns of abductions and mass arrests, including 29 arrests carried out by Houthi militia in its areas of control, and (4) mass arrests and abductions by military and security formations in the city of Aden.

The report pointed out that the number of people detained in the kidnapping and mass arrest campaigns in the areas of control of the Houthis and liberated areas under the control of military and security formations loyal to the United Arab Emirates, reached 450 cases, among those abducted women and children, the association confirmed the release of 109 till the date of the report.

The Association indicated that the total number of disappearances is (294) during 2018, with 73 cases of enforced disappearance in Hodeidah, followed by Taiz and Sa'ada with (37) each.

The report stated that cases of enforced disappearance had been reported in Aden is (15), while 230 were still abducted from previous years.

According to the report of the Association, there are (28) cases of death from torture, including 22 cases in Al-Houthi prisons, and 6 cases in the prisons of the military formations in Aden.

The report contained a number of violations of the families of abductees, such as physical assault, hostage-taking and financial blackmail, the report included activities carried out by the Association over the past year, including 64 vigils, the issuance of 60 statements and press releases, and the hearing and documentation of (473) testimonies for the released abductees, the families of abductees, as well as (65) meetings with political and human rights personalities, (11) seminar and hearing, and production of (20) films and flash media on kidnapping and the suffering of victims and their relatives.

At the conclusion of its report, the Association of Mothers of Abductees appealed to state officials, the United Nations and local and foreign human rights organizations to work for the release of those abducted and arbitrarily detained and to reveal the fate of those who were forcibly hidden.

It called for the prevention of abductions and arbitrary arrests in Yemen, the full and humane access of victims to their natural human rights, their social inclusion in society, their economic empowerment and compensation, and the protection of complainants, witnesses and human rights defenders, as demanded the closure of unofficial prisons and the subjection of official prisons to the procedures prescribed by law.

Every year, the world celebrates International Women's Day on March 8, but reports from local and international organizations, incidentally, have referred in their reports and statements to the tragic situation, violations, abuses, murders, abductions, rapes and torture suffered by women in Yemen since four Years, from all sides, and in various regions, the al-Houthi-controlled north of the country, or areas formally under the legitimate government, and effectively of the UAE forces and the Allied military and security formations, south of Yemen.


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