Houthis continue to persecute residents of Koshar

Houthis continue to persecute residents of  Koshar

Local sources said that Houthi militias continue to inflict persecution on residents in several areas of Koshar directorate in the northwestern province of Hajjah.

Hundreds of families in Bani Saeed, Beit al-Namsha and Al-Obaisah areas have been forced to flee over the past two days because of the intensity of fire on villages and residential areas, according to sources of al-Masdar online.

The sources said that until Sunday evening, the Houthi militants who invaded the area continued to blow up houses of tribesmen who had faced them in the past weeks, looted hundreds of homes and cars and burnt farms.

On the other hand, news coming from  relatives of Commander Abu Muslim al-Zu’kuri said that after of Huthi fighters tightened  siege the village where he was holed up with the men of his tribe forced to surrender himself to Houthis  hoping to save the  rest of the tribe according to Abdul Hamid al-Zu’kuri.

The leader of the Popular Congress party, Fahd Dahshoush, and one of the prominent  elders said on Sunday that al-Zu’kuri was killed, also said a post by the Houthi leader Mohamed Nasser Al-Bakhaiti.

For its part, the Yemeni government announced Koshar as  a disaster area and called on international organizations and relief institutions to make efforts to support civilians who lost  homes and fled their villages.

The Houthi group continues to sever communications and the Internet from the region, which has become isolated from the world.


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