Government official urges President Hadi and Saudi king to end UAE military intervention in Yemen

Government official urges President Hadi and Saudi king to end UAE military intervention in Yemen

A senior government official in Yemen, accused one of the countries participating in the Saudi-led Arab alliance in Yemen, of standing behind all the problems and defeats of legitimacy and coalition against the Iran-backed Houthi militia, stressing the need to get that party out of the Arab coalition, without naming.

The governor of al-Mahwit Governorate, Dr. Saleh Sumaie’a, a member of the recognized government and cannot reach his office in the province he also belongs to, demanded President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi and King Salman bin Abdulaziz, to take responsibility of thirty million Yemenis .

He stressed the need to correct the status quo situation and address the persistent imbalance in the Arab coalition, as a party that deals with government and legitimacy as a product of the revolutions of the Arab Spring and must be ended and deal with it as counterrevolution.

He noted that the unnamed party had controlled the public scene in the liberated areas and had established armed militias outside the state and government.

"If the management of the battle continues with the same mechanism and mentality, Sanaa will not be liberated, but all of Yemen would eventually be handed over to Iran, not just Sanaa, and like Beirut, and as Iran triumphed in Syria, it will triumph in Yemen, if it does not change the party," Sumaie’a Said in an indication to the UAE in its  view and dealings with Yemeni legitimacy with all its components as a product of the Gulf initiative on which Iran and its militias have coupes .

Since the Houthis ' kicked out’ , from the city of Aden and the southern regions in July 2015, and the liberated areas have been nominally subject to legality, but the actual power on the ground is for the UAE forces and their loyal armed factions.

The militias, which run the situation in the liberated areas, prevent any minister from criticizing the situation and preventing him from entering Aden, "the defense minister cannot enter Aden, so the communication minister is forbidden to enter the meetings of the Council of Ministers in Aden," said the Governor.

"Why is the President of the Republic prevented from returning to Aden, why hasn't the government managed to manage the economic aspect for four years?" he asked. Why not integrate the elites and security belts within the framework of the one national army of the state? »

"The wound has reached the bone, our bones are breaking up," the government official said. People accuse the legitimacy of failure accusing the president of treason. "

He called on President Hadi to be honest with the people, and demanded that the decision be made to dispense with that party (UAE) and its role in the Arab coalition, adding that we asked for the help of brothers in the Kingdom and that party came with the same legitimacy as being in the view of the Arab Spring and not the product of the settlement emanating from the Gulf initiative witnessed by King Abdullah (may Allaah mercy his soul).

Saudi Arabia announced in March 2015 that it would intervene militarily to support the legitimate government in confronting the Houthi militia.

The UAE participates in the coalition announced by Saudi Arabia at the time, in addition to other countries, notably Egypt, Kuwait, Jordan and Sudan.

Qatar has already been exempted from its participation in the Saudi-led Arab alliance following its boycott by the Kingdom, Bahrain and the UAE.

At the beginning of the year, Morocco announced the end of its participation in the Alliance, and Malaysia also suspended its logistical support and participation in the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen.

In their report before the Security Council in January, the United Nations Sanctions Committee accused the United Arab Emirates of undermining the authority of the Yemeni government and supporting military forces fighting for the UAE in southern Yemen and the West Coast, stressing the erosion of the authority Legitimacy and concentration its control in favor of armed groups demanding secession with Emirati support.


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