Houthi court deliberately prolongs imprisonment of “Asma al-Omaisi" despite lack of evidence

Houthi court deliberately prolongs imprisonment of  “Asma al-Omaisi" despite lack of evidence

The al-Houthi state security court in Sanaa decided to postpone consideration of the case of Asma al-Omaisi until April 8.

The seventh session and the seventh adjournment decided by the judge continue to be consistent with the prosecutor's procrastination, which each time lags its obligation to bring seizures.

Asma al-Omaisi was arrested in October 2016 and moved in several prisons before the court of First Instance issued a death sentence in January, accusing her of "collaborating with the aggression," a charge faced by scores of citizens in the courts under the control of the Houthi rebels.

According to a legal source, the Court of Appeal held yesterday to consider the Prosecutor's response to the Court's obligation to bring the defendants together with the Asma al-Omaisi  in the same case, but it did not bring them and the court considered them fugitives from justice, but the prosecution also failed to comply with the decision to bring the seizures despite that the court had given it more than a deadline.

Abdul Majeed Sabra, the defendant's lawyer, said that the court had interrogated the defendant at the hearing yesterday, despite the lawyers ' objections, and that the defendant had responded by denying all charges against her.

The  lawyer Sabra expressed concern that the Court had deliberately prolonged the proceedings, even though the prosecution had not submitted any new evidences  and did not abide by the court's request, and told the court that the children of the accused  "al-Omaisi " were at risk of being lost because their mother was still imprisoned, especially after their father left them and left abroad.

Asma al-Omaisi’s case was transformed into a public opinion case being the first woman to face a death sentence, and international organizations issued statements denouncing the verdict and demanding that it be released immediately.


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