Government confirms successful Teleyemen relocation to Aden... Will the communication and Internet service differ?

Government confirms successful Teleyemen relocation to Aden... Will the communication and Internet service differ?

The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology of the internationally recognized government announced its success in transferring the National telecommunication Company "Teleyemen " from Sanaa, which is under the control of the Houthi militia, to the Yemeni  interim capital Aden, in southern Yemen.

This came during a meeting of Communications Minister Lotfi Bashrif, with the General Assembly of the company, in Aden on Tuesday, Saba state agency reported.

Teleyemen is the only provider of international telecommunications to Yemen, and the Internet controller for all Yemeni telecom companies, including Yemen Net, and the cell phone companies.

Since the coup of the Houthi rebel group and its control of State institutions, in September 2014, militias have taken control of Teleyemen, imposing significant restrictions on international communications and the Internet, and the militias are now reaping millions of dollars in telecommunications and internet revenues in Yemen, even in Liberated areas.

In January, Basharif announced a ministerial decision to transfer the administration of the Yemeni International Telecommunication Company (Teleyemen) from Sanaa to Aden.

He also issued a decision assigning Tariq Abu Bakr Mubarak Bakran, as chief executive officer of Teleyemen.

At the meeting of the General Assembly of Aden, Minister Bashrif praised the efforts made by the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the concerned authorities to facilitate transport procedures. It is noteworthy that «The main partners in this company is the General Organization of Communications with 75% and the general authority for postal savings with 25%».

The Minister of Communications in the Government, in addition to being a minister, is the chairman of Teleyemen’s board of directors.

Deputy Minister of Industry and Commerce Salem al-Wali said the relocation of the company to Aden came as a sovereign institution and a key pillar of state security and the nation's economy. Stressing that the Ministry of Industry and Trade will provide all facilities and support to the Ministry of Communication.

The governor of Aden Ahmed Salem Rabie, said the decision to relocate  Teleyemen to Aden is an achievement  and a real step in the right direction because of the commercial and economic importance of this vital edifice in supplying the treasury of the State.

The legitimate government, through the company, is seeking to withdraw the telecommunications and Internet sector from the Houthis, in another economic war aimed at ending the takeover of this vital sector by the coup group and drying up their financial resources.

The legality has already been able to contract with the Chinese company Huawei, worth $14 million, to establish a gateway for communication and Internet in the interim capital of Aden (south of the country), in parallel with the submarine cable project, which inaugurated recently under the name «Aden Net».

The government then said that its project would enable the Ministry of Communications to move the control department from Sanaa to Aden.

Gov’ spokesperson Rajeh Badi said that she is seeking to establish a giant communications project that serves all of Yemen, through the sea cable and through a development network that begins in Aden and includes all the provinces of the country.

In September last year, the government inaugurated the new company, Aden Net, then the  company's big celebration faded as a giant project to achieved by legitimacy, the Houthis continued to control communications and the Internet, and the flow of revenue from the legitimacy  controlled areas to the central bank in Sana'a continued.

Observers say that the decision to move and the opening of a headquarters in the interim  capital of Aden will continue to have no impact on the telecommunications sector in Yemen and the Internet in particular, which will remain under the control of the militias.

The administrative staff and the technical staff likely to be employed will be an additional burden to the State, unless followed by technical, engineering and external communications procedures, which enable the company to deal legally with foreign international companies, as well as to monopolize agreements with the local companies through if it is possible, but practically unattainable.

The fate of the company will not differ much from the sovereign institutions whose main premises have been relocated to the interim capital of Aden, including the Council of the Judiciary, the Supreme Court, the Parliament, and the election Commission, since those institutions and even today have not been activated to do their part properly, especially the House of Representatives which failed The Government to hold its meetings in Aden despite the quorum.


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