Socotra.. Mass reception of an anti-UAE tribal leader

Socotra.. Mass reception of an anti-UAE tribal leader

Dozens of residents of the Socotra archipelago rallied on Wednesday at Socotra Airport to welcome the prominent Sheikh Issa Bin Yaqoot, an anti-Emirati presence in the province.

Sheikh Yaqoot of the Republic of Egypt, who was scheduled to participate in the Conference of the Southern National Coalition, which was postponed in Cairo last week.

The citizens chanted slogans denouncing Emirati practices in the province and their moves to form an armed militia.

Last Sunday, the governor of Socotra Province, Sheikh Saad Salmeen Mohamed Daimouri, sacked the position of head of tribal affairs in Socotra archipelago province after a statement by the head of the tribal authority that he was ready to receive the Chairman of the Board of Al-Mahrah sons Sheikh Abdullah bin Afrar and the Sheikh of Socotra tribes Issa Yaqoot

In the statement, Daimouri called on the local authority to be in solidarity with the demand of the tribes to appoint Shaikh Issa Yaqoot as the Sheikh of Sheikhs of  Socotra.


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